International Accounting, Tax and Consulting

Globalization has become an increasingly important part of today’s business life. Even the smallest of closely held businesses depends on exports and international supply chains for every day operations. However, the rules for doing business around the world are constantly changing and have become more and more complex. Advice and support from experienced international tax and accounting professionals can help you to avoid pitfalls, while expanding your business internationally.

Our team provides professional tax planning and consulting services in connection with the following:

Businesses and Entities

Optimization of structures for foreign investment and business operations in the U.S.
Optimization of structures for U.S. investment and business operations outside of the U.S.
Structuring for cross-border acquisitions, sales and other exchanges
Structuring for acquisition, operation and disposition of U.S. real estate
Controlled foreign corporation issues
Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporations (IC-DISCs)
Passive Foreign Investment Company issues (PFICs)

Individuals and Trusts

U.S. executives working and residing overseas
Foreign executives working and residing in the U.S.
Tax issues for non-citizens immigrating to the U.S.
Tax issues for individuals considering expatriation from the U.S.
Gift, trust and estate considerations for non-citizens with U.S. based assets
U.S. beneficiaries of gifts from foreigner

Other Matters

Income tax treaties and totalization agreements
Foreign tax credits
Subpart F and other anti-avoidance rules
Tax aspects of foreign currency exchange
Matters related to payments of U.S. source income to foreign persons