Senior Accountant Needed

Company: Wen Jiang & Company PC

Job title:  Senior Accountant

Job location: 7000 SW Hampton St., Ste 218, Portland, OR 97223

Job duties: Prepare financial statements such as balance sheets, profit/loss statements and cash flow statements for corporate clients;  conduct financial statement analysis such as budget forecasting and cash flow analysis; prepare tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnership, gift tax returns and estate tax returns; assist CPAs in audit response and preparation; research tax issues, IRS tax procedures, and tax laws; conducting research related to consulting to high net-worth Chinese clients and businesses on accounting and tax issues.

Job requirement: Master’s degree in accounting, financial analysis with a focus on accounting, or another closely related field.

Apply to: Wen Jiang & Company PC, 7000 SW Hampton St. Ste 218, Portland, OR 97223